The Important Things that You Need to Prepare Before Studying Abroad

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Going abroad to study is actually different from travelling out of town. Many things need to be prepared so that everything will run smoothly there. New environment is different from Indonesia that makes you need to prepare well for the important things that can make you better prepared to face those changes. What should you do for preparation?


  1. Detail information regarding of your chosen country

First, you have to know which country would you choose as your study destination, before deciding to study abroad. Once decided, you need to know in detail about the country. You can ask yourself, “why you chose that country?”, “what universities are available in there” and “which universities have the best quality for your major. In addition, you also need to find out the most convenient environment and affordable for you. For a Muslim, you should search whether is hard or not to find halal food and where you can find it.


  1. Languange

Although body language is universal language that can be understood by all people, but if you want to study abroad then you have to master a foreign language at least English. English is useful when you are going to apply to universities in the destination country that you want. TOEFL or IELTS score became one of the requirements for applying to universities abroad. There are a minimum standard score both TOEFL and IELTS that you have to reach. If you decide to continue your study at a non English country, then it’s better to learn the language of the country. Learning the language of your chosen country make it easier for you to communicate with the people when you arrive there.


  1. Mental Preparation

Mental preparation is one of the most important things. Mental resilience and positive thinking are the main things that should be owned by people who want to study abroad. A strong mental will help you to survive and deal with the problems in front of you during the study. Often complaining and giving up will never make you going forward. Independent and work hard is really needed when you study abroad. Additionally, positive thinking will make you easier to live abroad.


  1. Strong of Determination

Strong determination is a must if you want to pursue your study abroad. If you have a strong determination, then no matter how busy you are, you will remain study consistently and also prepare all the things that you need to catch your dream for studying abroad.


If you are already prepared everything, then it is time to leave. It is useless if you prepare all the things that you need but you never set to go. Come realize your dream to study abroad. Be sure that you would be able and capable!