Study Abroad

Many Indonesian students are dreaming to study abroad. One of the reason is to gain new experiences in the destination country. The other achievement if we studying abroad is make people around us proud.

In cooperation with various educational institutions such as high school, vocational school, Madrasah Aliyah, universities, and government, PRIME committed to broaden your global knowledge , increasing the number of students who study abroad, either through scholarships or independent, as well as improving the qualifications and competence to meet the requirements of the scholarship application and registration requirements to study abroad, registration to the TOP 500 universities in the world, until the mentoring program in the destination country.

With more than 10 years experience, PRIME has led thousands students to study abroad in various destination countries. Among the destination countries, PRIME found that several European countries are subsidizing the cost of education. It makes Europe become the most desirable destination by Indonesian students to continue their studies.

But it does not make PRIME only focused on Erurope. As an independent cooperation, and supported with competence and an international network that has been built, PRIME also provide services to the entire country in the world according to the applicant request.

Come on, realize your dream to study abroad, you can get knowledge and life experience in the same time. To select countries, universities and courses that relevant to your interests, PRIME consultants are ready to assist you. 

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