EUROPEAN SUMMER COURSE 2017 is a program designed for Indonesian students to fill a class hike holiday with activities challenging and insightful International.

This program will take you to see and feel the thrill of adventure to explore the European continent. With the experience of direct interaction with the citizens of Europe, you will gain knowledge in the fields of culture, discipline, regularity in developed countries and also gain experience and compare susasana studying with friends from various countries while enjoying the beauty of Europe through programs excursion educative us hold.

During the 19 days we will invite you to experience life in European countries, includes: German language courses are certified for 2 weeks, a visit to the University-leading universities in Europe, the workshops of special interest workshops introduction to the culture and transport in Europe, as well as the no less interesting is the visit to the famous landmark 8 cities in 6 countries in continental Europe.

Promo price applies for registration prior to 15 April 2017. Registration will be closed on May 28, 2017. For more information, please contact:

Hotline: +62 8222 333 5000
Whatsapp: +62 8222 333 5000
Facebook page: Educational World Tour
LineID: @primeedutour
Twitter: @primeedutour
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Educational World Tour is a program designed for students, educators, and the general public who want to learn more about the education system in Europe.


In this program, you will be invited to learn about Europe universities, interact directly with Indonesian students who study abroad to observe their daily life, in terms of language, cost, culture, and food. In addition, through excursion program, you will feel the beauty of Europe through visiting famous landmark.


This program will be held on July 3 to 10, 2017. During the 8 days, you will visit leading universities in Europe, performing various workshops, as well as visiting famous landmarks in 10 cities in 8 countries in Europe


Registration will be closed on May 21, 2017. For more information, please contact:

Email :

Hotline : +62 8222 333 5000

Whatsapp : +62 8222 333 5000

Facebook : Educational World Tour

LineID : @primeedutour

Twitter : @primeedutour

Instagram : @primeedutour