PRIME is an independent international education consultant, has competence in the field of services and service providers departure information for Indonesian students who wish to continue their studies abroad, either through independent pathways or pathways scholarship.

Founded in 2006, PRIME also provides consulting services and providing information about destination countries worldwide study, program pre-departure programs to increase the competence and qualifications, administrative and completeness of travel documents, the university application of top 500 world, a link to the program -Program scholarships and mentoring services and adaptation in the destination country.

With a service network of branch offices scattered in cities across Indonesia, PRIME always comes closer to you to provide accurate and balanced information, the destination countries of study. PRIME with independent research teams and promoting the validity of the data is ready to serve you who need information about study abroad and all of its aspects.

Working together with related institutions in different State / district and province in Indonesia, PRIME also committed to help the program increase global insight, increased access to education abroad, improving the qualifications and competence, to the variety of activities the student exchange program, sister school, workshop and short course.

Learning is a Journey !, spirit is used as the motto of PRIME, because the learning process is a journey without stopping, either traveling to gain knowledge at the same life experiences.