Benefits of Studying Abroad

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The number of Indonesian students who study abroad is rising each year. It proves that universities abroad have a special attraction for Indonesian students. Besides, you get beautiful attraction of scenary, studying abroad also have so many benefits that we can obtained, for example:


  1. Change the way of thinking
    If you go to study overseas you will meet and interact with other people from different countries. This will make your way of thinking more open because you used to deal with different kinds of people from various backgrounds.


  1. Have more value in applying job in Indonesia

It is undeniable that the Indonesian students who graduated from universities abroad definitely have good value when they apply a job in Indonesia. It is because they generally have a good character including disciplined, independent, resistant toward the pressure, and adaptable. Nowadays, these characters are human resources that are needed by companies or agency. So, it is not suprising, if you will receive a job on strategic position not only in local but also in foreign companies.


  1. Your foreign language skills will increase

Living in other country will make you to use their native language. In this case, your foreign language skills will develop faster and over time you will be mastering their language.


  1. Being independent and confident

Study abroad teach you how to solve the problems by yourself, makes you used to resolve any issues and challenges. All this experience will build your character become independent person. In addition, you are also indirectly forced to be sociable person. To achieve that, you need high confidence to start a conversation with people who are around you.


  1. The opportunity to travel to various countries is open

In your spare time, you can travel to various places that you can’t find in Indonesia. If you have quite long holiday, you can visit the countries around you to enjoy the variety of culture and famous landmarks.


It’s so exciting, isn’t it? For the younger generation, let’s find experience as much as possible in order to face the intense competition in this era globalization.