Answering the Challenges of Globalization

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Globalization is derived from the word “globe”, which can also be interpreted as establishment of the organization and communication system that follows the equal system of values ​​and norms between the people across the world due to improved transportation and communications to facilitate interaction between citizens in the world.


In the region of Southeast Asia, in 2015 has formed an integrated economic community, known as the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This AEC is a form of realization of the ultimate goal of economic integration in Southeast Asia.


There are four focus of attention of AEC that can be used as a good momentum by Indonesia. First, the countries in the South East region will become unified market and production base, so in this case there are no barriers in terms of the flow of goods, investment, large amounts of capital and free competition to human resource (HR). Second, AEC will be established as an economic area with a very high level of competition. Third, AEC will be formed as the region that have equal economic development with priority on the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Fourth, the MEA will be integrated fully to the global economic system.


In employment (HR) aspect, there are many opportunities for Indonesian jobseeker because of the availability of jobs with a wide range of expertise needs. On the other hand, when it seen from education quality, skills, qualifications and productivity, Indonesia is still unable to compete with the human resources who come from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


This AEC has been a challenge for Indonesia itself to improve the quality of human resources. To answer this challeng, it’s required a commitment and full awareness of all stakeholders that improving the competence and qualification of human resources is the key to answer the challenges of globalization, especially in the human resources sector.